Automatic settlement

Default automatic settlement If there is no user-defined settlement priority, transactions are automatically selected for settlement based on the due date and currency. Below the list of invoices that we are going to settle: Once you make a payment let’s say for 450$ all invoices will be sorted by Due date and appropriate invoices will … Continue reading Automatic settlement

Electronic payment in AX

What payment methods are used most frequently? Companies make payments for outstanding invoices on using credit, cash in advance, bill of exchange, check and electronic payments. Check would be a method of payment of check. Electronic payment would be a method of payment of electronic such as an EFT, Wire. Promissory note would be a … Continue reading Electronic payment in AX

Standard cost revaluation in AX 2012

Costs (if you are using Standard cost model) are maintained in the item price form: Product information management > Released products > Manage costs tab > Item price button. There are three types of costs: Cost: is be used for inventory management Purchase price: is be used for default value on purchase orders Sales price: … Continue reading Standard cost revaluation in AX 2012

Positive pay file in AX 2012

Positive pay file overview The issuing company periodically sends a positive pay file to its bank, in which are listed the check numbers, dates, and amounts of all checks issued. When a check is presented to the bank for payment, the bank teller compares the information on the check to the information submitted by the … Continue reading Positive pay file in AX 2012