D365: How to create a BOM using Bill of materials form

In previous topics I described the way of BOM creation using 2 options:

In this topic I am going to describe another option is BOM creation using Bill of material form.

First time when I tried to create the BOM, I opened Bill of material form and I was totally confused. So I decided to guide you how to work with this form

We will create BOM and its components in the following structure:






And first step will be creation of Item1, Item2 and Item3.

Navigate to Production information management > Products > Released products

Create new items by clicking New button and populating mandatory fields.

Released products Items

The next step will be creation of BOM1 and BOM2.

Released products BOMs

Navigate to Product information management > Bill of materials and formulas > Bill of materials.

Click New

Bill of materials

Click New

Specify Name, Site and Item group.

BOM version

Click New

In the Item number field select the component.

BOM version components

Switch to the header view and select BOM2 in the BOM version section.

BOM version lookup

I have typed BOM2 item number, and I haven’t seen BOM2 available in the list.

This happens because Default order type on the BOM2 is Purchase order. It should be Production. In order to change it, go to Product information management > Products > Released products > Manage inventory tab > Default order settings.

Default order settings

Click Edit and change Default order type.

Production Default order type

Go back and check lookup again.

BOM version lookup fixed

Click on Approval button.

Approve BOM or formula

Then on the heard view, approve and activate BOM version.

BOM version link

Once you approve the BOM version, you can check the Designer.

Approved BOM version

Open Designer form and check the structure of the BOM.

BOM Designer

Repeat the steps above for BOM1.

BOM versions for BOM1:

BOM versions for BOM1

BOM1 components:

BOM1 components

BOM1 Designer:

BOM1 Designer


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