D365 Change management

For tracking purposes of Purchase Order’s changes you can turn on the Change Management feature. change management may be used solely to help you manage changes as well as successfully adopt change to proceed with further PO handling.

Once you’ve activated the Change management, approval workflow is introduced. At this point all purchase order changes can be done though Change request workflow. Later on you can review the changes in the history log by comparing purchase order versions.

It’s important to know that during this process inventory transactions are not being created until you approve that purchase order.

What’s the difference between turned change management on and off.

Difference Change Management On and off

To activate Change management, navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing parameters > General tab.

Check the Activate change management flag in the Change management for purchase orders group of fields.

Procurement and sourcing parameters

Create a new workflow that will allow to approve the purchase orders when they are submitted.

Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing workflows.

Procurement and sourcing workflows

Click on the Versions button and then on the existing version click Edit.

Workflow versions

Review Purchase order workflow.

Purchase order workflow

In our case we need to make sure that we will be available to approve the purchase order.

I am going to select Participant in the Properties.

Approval properties

And will select that all System administrators can approve all purchase orders.

Security role participants

Click Save and close.

Specify Version notes and click OK.

Version notes

Chose Activate the new version and click OK.

Activate the new version

Make sure that the new version is Active.

Active Workflow version

Now let’s try to create a new purchase order.

Navigate to Procurement and sourcing > Purchase orders> All purchase orders

Create new Purchase order.

Create new Purchase order line.

Notice that there is no inventory transaction.

Purchase order with no transactions

Notice that the Purchase Order Approval status has been set to a Draft status.

Draft approval status

Once you are ready to send created purchase order to workflow for approval, click on the Workflow -> Submit button.

Submit workflow

Put any comment and click Submit.

Purchase order submit comment

Status of the purchase order will be changed to In Review. All fields become read-only.

In review approval status

At this point you have several options.

Approve-Reject-Request change-Delegate-Recall

Let’s Approve this purchase order by clicking Approve button.

Enter any comments and click Approve.

Purchase order approve comment

Clicking the View history button you can see what’s going on with the workflow.

View history button

As we can see, Workflow has been completed.

Completed workflow status

Review the status of the purchase order and now it’s Approved.

Approved approval status

If you look at the Purchase order tab on the Action pane, you will notice that the Request change option is enabled. To make an update to the Purchase order, click on the Request change button.

Request change

Edit button becomes available and Purchase order approval status will be Draft again.

Edit purchase order

Once you’ve made all the changes, press Save and send it to approval again by clicking Workflow -> Submit. After that Purchase order will go into Approved status without necessarily to Approve through workflow.

Approved after change request

If you switch to the Manage tab on the Action pane, then additional buttons in the History group will be enabled.

History of purchase order

If you want to see what the changes were over time, then click on the View purchase order versions button.

When the Purchase order versions form is displayed, you will see all of the different versions of the Purchase order.

Purchase order versions

To see the changes made by user, select versions and click on the Compare button within the menu bar.

Compare button

This will show you all of the changes between the two selected versions of the Purchase Order.

Compare purchase order versions

Once the Purchase order is approved, inventory transaction has been created.

Approved Purchase order with transactions

Once the Purchase order is approved, you will be able to send out the Purchase Order confirmation.

Purchase order confirmation

Once you’ve confirmed the order, Approval status will be changed to Confirmed and Purchase order confirmation journal will be created.

Confirmed approval status

And now you are able to receive goods.

Receive goods menu items

As a conclusion, with Active change management purchase order might walk through the following statuses:

  • Draft: Purchase order has been created in Draft At this state purchase order can be modified.
  • In review: Purchase order has been submitted to an approval workflow. Purchase order status is In review. The assignment /flow/tasks depend on the configuration within the workflow. If budget control is enabled, a budget check will be performed based on budget control configuration.
  • Rejected: Purchase order has been rejected by a workflow reviewer. Purchase order status is Rejected. The purchase order can be modified and re-submitted to workflow.
  • Approved: Purchase order approval process has been completed. Purchase order status is Approved. Receipt transactions can be created.
  • Confirmed: Confirming the purchase order generates a purchase order confirmation document, which is an external document that may be provided to the vendor to notify them of the order. If budget control is enabled, the budget check is performed based on the budget control policies and budget reservations are established ensuring that planned expenditures do not exceed budget funds available. If encumbrance processing has been enabled, subledger journal entries are created for a purchase order when the purchase order is confirmed to reflect the consumption of budget funds on the balance sheet.
  • Finalized: Purchase order must have all lines to be either canceled or invoiced. After a purchase order has been finalized, you can no longer change the purchase order. Finalize the purchase order to liquidate budget reservations and any encumbrance that is not yet relieved in general ledger.

Purchase order re-approval configuration, where for example the changing the warehouse, receive now fields does not require re-approval but changing the unit price or quantity does, can be reviewed here – MSDyn365FO: Purchase order reapproval within Change management functionality


5 thoughts on “D365 Change management

  1. Hi. My purchase order has 4 lines. Purchase order is been confirmed and product receipt is done for only 1 line. But when i am trying to receipt the 2 line the system throws the error ‘product receipt posting has been cancelled. The changes can only be done if the purchase order is in draft state as the change management is activated.
    i am using dynamics 365.
    Kindly let me know if you came across the same issue.

    Kiran Rajpal


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