Standard cost revaluation in AX 2012

Costs (if you are using Standard cost model) are maintained in the item price form: Product information management > Released products > Manage costs tab > Item price button.

There are three types of costs:

  1. Cost: is be used for inventory management
  2. Purchase price: is be used for default value on purchase orders
  3. Sales price: is be used for default value on sales orders

Once you have activated a new cost, revaluation of on-hand inventory will be done.

Let’s look at the GL transactions for revaluation on-hand inventory along different types of underlying sources of inventory.

  1. Inventory adjustment
  2. Purchase order + packing slip + invoice
  3. Sales order + packing slip + invoice

Inventory adjustment transaction

Inventory adjustment transaction

Let’s check the case when we have several transactions.

Inventory adjustment transaction2

Purchase order invoice transaction.

Purchase order invoice transaction

Let’s say that we have turned on Negative inventory and On-hand was caused by sales order.

Sales order invoice transaction

Sales order invoice transaction


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