Refund customer by creating a check

In this post I would like to show you how you can easily create refunds through checks in AX. In certain circumstances if a customer has a credit balance on their account, they may request a refund of that credit balance. You may need to refund a customer due to other reasons like overpayments, billing errors, credit notes or bonuses that are involved in third-party transactions.

Every once in a while when you have to refund a customer, you should do the following steps:

Navigate to Account receivable > Journals > Payment journals.
Select customer payment journal name and click the Lines button.
In the Account field set customer account.
Create line with negative Credit amount (to show up correctly in the check).
Fill the bank account where you are going to be generating the check from
Make sure that Method of payment is CHECK.
Click the Functions > Generate payments.
Click the Method of payment drop-down arrow and select appropriate method of payment.
Click the Bank account drop-down arrow and select appropriate bank account.
Click OK to generate the check.
As the result we generated a check for this customer and payment status of this journal has now been updated to send.
Click the Post button to post the journal




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